WeYourConsult was founded to respond to the need of companies to better manage their knowledge by creating favorable conditions for development.

Our projects are aimed at aligning the knowledge already present in the company, or to be strengthened, to the strategic and organizational profile.

We also create and develop portals, communities and training management systems designed according to the needs of the individual company.


Knowledge is the most precious resource. The ability to find solutions and improve the effectiveness of behaviors depends on it.


Help companies to introduce or improve knowledge management systems with the aim of developing problem solving skills, organizational well-being and sustainability.


Simplicity, synthesis, quality of human relationships, trust, sharing, transparency, honesty, development of a common vision.

CEO and Founder
Marco Salvatore

Marco Salvatore was born in Milan and graduated from Bocconi University in Business Economics in 1999 with a thesis in Work Organization.

Over the last 20 years he has consolidated his skills as a consultant and manager of Italian companies.

In addition to organizational aspects and new technologies, he is passionate about combining different disciplinary fields to open up to new solutions.


Registered office
Carlo Goldoni Street, 1
20129 Milan – Italy

Website URL: weyourconsult.com

Email: info@weyourconsult.com