In general

Who are we addressing?

WeYourConsult is aimed at all those who need to be able to respond dynamically and promptly to the challenges of global competition, thanks to a context of experts, entrepreneurial realities and professionals able to provide solutions suited to the context, simple and innovative.

Where is it present?

Today it is possible to refer to a “GLOBCAL” context, where one can think and act globally, and be in complete presence locally.

Globally through the web, locally also through Partners.

Currently the portal is available for the countries of the European Union and NATO

Is there advertising?

No, WeYourConsult does not provide for the insertion of advertising content.

What knowledge is expected?

The ECONOMY channel is present.

Contents are organized through different interpretations that allow you to easily search for the area of your interest.

Is it possible to evaluate services?

Once you have completed the registration process you will become part of the Member Club and will be able to access content and resources that allow you to evaluate features and membership.

Is it possible to access the contents in FREE mode?

Part of the contents can be accessed by joining the Member Club:

Even if not registered, some contents are freely available:

Are meetings organized?

Although based on an online web platform, authorized members can organize events even in presence, to which members, or external parties, can join.

Insert Contents

Who posts the content?

All members are welcome to submit content.

BUILDER member undertakes to publish at least two articles.

In order to access the subsequent levels, you must have published at least four articles.

Is it easy to write a post?

Inserting content is intuitive and also facilitated by completing a form.

There is a guide that helps to resolve any doubts and difficulties.

Content Evaluation

How are they evaluated?

Each member enabled to read can describe what they liked and what they would improve as well as expressing an opinion, on a scale of 1 to 5, based on three aspects: degree of understanding, completeness and synthesis.

4 of 5 stars

The overall evaluation is based on a proprietary algorithm.

Are there other methods of evaluation?

At the bottom of the article you can:

  • indicate whether it is considered useful or not;
  • provide a suggestion (on content, functionality or difficulties encountered);
  • report an error;
  • correct a translation.

Reporting Abuse.

At the bottom of the article you can also report:

  • a violation of copyright;
  • the presence of private and confidential information;
  • illegal or offensive content;
  • unauthorized promotions.