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Consulting hours

Consulting hours

Prepaid and scalable hour package within 6 months in fractions of 10 minutes, until exhaustion. After direct contact or after sending the support request form, you will receive instructions for purchasing the consultancy package indicated for your needs.

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The advantage of purchasing an hour package allows you to limit your investment and assess the type and quality of support on an ongoing basis.

In the case of face-to-face or remote consultancy via webcall, the count of the dedicated time is easily verifiable.
It is different if the consultancy is carried out in asynchronous mode and, for example, if the request requires you to view any documentation sent. In this case, at the end of the service, the time that will be deducted from the purchased credit is communicated.

The hours are meant man-hours, the involvement of more resources will be agreed.

Any travel time is deducted from the total number of hours. Any refunds for food, lodging and travel are not included (they will be counted separately).

These conditions represent the Offer Document. By purchasing the service, they also accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.