Knowledge must be contextualized, validated in a given context.

The set of elements that define a context represent the reading keys and allow you to apply a filter that is useful for selecting interests.

WeYourConsult, well aware of the difficulties of stemming in pre-established orders knowledge in magmatic becoming with strong entropic thrusts, for each domain of knowledge establishes a hierarchy of taxonomies that help the search for knowledge by grasping the possible differentiations in different contexts.

Examples of filters in the business economy are the membership function, the sector, the company size, the company form, the territorial scope.


The differentiation of knowledge by type within a specific context, allows for example to present the unveiling of a specific issue starting from a felt problem or a question.

From these elements it is possible to provide synthetic hints on the “how to” and then access specific detailed contents, possible insights, tools and solutions.


WeYourConsult endeavors to secure the portal through encryption and access methods for Authors with double-factor authentication systems.


Contents can be made accessible only to members of one or more memberships, not only for the protection of the dissemination of certain knowledge, but also to increase the effectiveness and focus of management in relation to the main scarce resource: time.


Although undue copying cannot be guaranteed or assured for any content published on the web, WeYourConsult endeavors to limit the opportunities by trying to preserve unauthorized disclosures.


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