One of the guiding principles for creating and evaluating content is that it is simple , concise and comprehensive .
Efforts must also be made to make revisions dynamically.

Obviously the contents must be original, respecting the copyright restrictions.

WeYourConsult constantly strives to provide support to the Authors.


Anyone who is a member undertakes to curate content in the form of articles in ways that facilitate the reader’s learning path, using methods, advice and tools that facilitate editing.

The publication of the contents is evaluated by WeYourConsult in order to be able to guarantee the quality of the same, also to the advantage of the writer’s reputation.

Each article can be evaluated and commented by the members in order to enrich new versions of the contents thanks to ideas or reflections that may emerge from the comparison.

Furthermore, to the Author is given the right to keep memory and report changes that have occurred in the different versions that follow one another in history.

The assessments expressed and other indicators are summarized in a RATING elaborated through a proprietary algorithm on a scale from 1 to 5. The articles that obtain a rating greater than 2 are published.


Public posts can be subject to web search engine optimization (SEO). The SEO indicator is also used within the rating algorithm.


There is no knowledge without a teacher.

WeYourConsult offers the possibility of accessing an E-LEARNING platform that allows trainers to deliver courses both free of charge and for a fee.


Authors can prepare questionnaires, quizzes, data and information collection forms for their studies and projects.


There are several FORUMs by area of interest, thematic in order to facilitate the flow of communication and clarifications between members.


Contents can also be provided through the organization of EVENTS both online, such as webinars, meetings, and in presence in pre-established places.