Between sharing and protecting knowledge

The issue relating to the “production”, transfer and protection of knowledge – as a source of correct action that rests on the foundations of truth and reality – has always been difficult to manage. The human being is at the center, with enormous ability to innovate and make concrete dreams and answers to their needs and the environment that surrounds them.

Today the urgency to find a place that can facilitate the flow of knowledge finds an answer in this portal which aims to always find a balance between the contributions provided and the numerous advantages that can derive by adopting a considerably broadened perspective thanks to the use of the latest technologies.

Who are WeYourConsult memberships aimed at?
To all those who can be defined as “knowledge workers”, those who consider it as an indispensable source to always give current answers, offer solutions, which, to be of high added value, cannot avoid constant comparison.

A controlled, developed and contextualized knowledge whose primary source is the combination of vivid intelligence and the resource of time dedicated to providing elements of recognized tangible interest.

The context in which we operate is a “sum greater than zero” because the return of the contributions provided by the other members increases the level of shared knowledge exponentially.

To be able to seize the opportunities it is necessary to take a leap of perspective to reveal, beyond the hedge of selfishness and the risk of losing control, a horizon of potential and possibilities that could not be imagined.

Thinking about it, the transfer of one’s knowledge on one or two topics covered can represent 10% of the total individual, but it is not comparable to that which can be accessed.

Starting from this vision it is easy to adhere to the manifesto that guides your actions, identifying yourself with the type and level of membership that best suits your profile.

Experts, i.e. figures with medium training but high practical experience: marketing experts, technical-commercial figures, finance and control experts, design and product technicians, department managers, customer assistance, etc.

Managers, entrepreneurs, board members, functional directors, professional leaders, senior executives

Professionals with structured and often certified theoretical knowledge, as well as significant experience and application skills: management, legal and tax, corporate, training, financial, IT consultants, etc.


From knowledge to subscription plans

After having made the membership request you become part of the MEMBER CLUB, with content reserved for members.

In subscription plans that can consequently be accessed are:

Plans enable features by membership types and levels.