Competitive Advantage Questionnaire


Operating in a competitive environment to obtain and maintain a competitive advantage in organisation, technology, product or service quality represents the main challenge for your business.

Although all aspects are interconnected, is there a hierarchy? Are there aspects that can influence subsequent ones?

Where and when to dedicate resources in order to have a lasting sustainability return?


This questionnaire aims to classify the main aspects that fuel competitive advantage in a competitive environment.

The questionnaire is absolutely anonymous and the data is processed only in aggregate form.
WeYourConsult undertakes not to provide any information taken from the individual questionnaires.

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The variables

The questionnaire takes into consideration ten possible variables that can influence the development of competitive advantage. They are not exhaustive and we invite you to include useful comments and considerations for a better understanding of the topic.

Which element can influence another? What is the right recipe for my context? How to calibrate the different aspects?


Ability of an organization to create groups of active participation of its members, to carry out activities and achieve shared objectives.


Organizational skills are usually broken down by role and represent the ability to cope with a task or set of tasks. It’s not enough to KNOW, you need to know how to DO.


It is practical information based on the understanding and awareness of a TOPIC by one or more people.


Periodic measurement of performance, objectives achieved and key results.
Indicators that can be combined for the organization as a whole, its areas, groups (teams) or for the role covered by single individual.


Quality, innovation and customer-oriented corporate culture is essential for success through:

  • customer orientation, understanding needs and providing personalized service;
  • innovation, investing in research and development, thinking outside the box and finding solutions to problems;
  • high quality of products and services.


It guarantees the availability of resources and sources of investment for the implementation of development projects or to acquire skills external to the organization.


The support to be provided to employees/collaborators to facilitate commitment and motivation to achieve organizational objectives, through training, coaching, mentoring.


Able to create a strong and motivating corporate culture:

  • communicating the organization’s vision and goals clearly and concisely
  • creating a work environment where employees feel appreciated and valued;
  • providing employees with the resources and training needed to succeed;
  • recognizing and rewarding employees for their achievements.

Human resources

The ability to attract and manage human resources, a central element for any development and change.


Ability to view the context by planning the actions to be carried out, verifying and correcting the strategy in place as conditions change.

How the levers of Competitive Advantage are perceived in your reality?

If you are interested in understanding how specific variables in your organization are perceived, a customized survey can be carried out.